Our goal at Community Family Clinic is to provide comprehensive primary and preventive health care, starting from pregnancy and lasting throughout your whole life’s journey.


Dr. Joshua Stringam, DO

Chief Medical Director

William May, LMFT

Chief Behavioral Health Officer

Joshua Tew, PA

Physician Assistant

Raymond Price, PA

Physician Assistant

Lauren Casper, PA

Physician Assistant

Flin Lambson, PA

Physician Assistant


A Shuraloff, DO

Alexander Combs, DO

Anthony Macey, DO

Bradley Roth, MD

Cassandra Bormann, MD

Derek Kent, MD

Jake Allinson, DO

Kenneth Chapman, MD

Matthew Widdison, MD

Nicole Rosemin, MD

Ryan Bradbury, MD

Ryan Sauther, MD

Pharmacy Staff

Troy Coulson, PharmD

Pharmacy Director

Oscar Waldo, PharmD


Troy Hutchinson

Pharmacy Intern

Kayla Wilcox, CPhT

Pharmacy Technician

Christina Hawker, CPHT

Pharmacy Tech

Salvador Delgado

Pharmacy Tech

LynnDee Thomson, CPHT

Pharmacy Tech

Office Staff

Arnold Cantu

Clinic Administrator

Daisy Alvarez

Office Manager

Liliana Young

Care Coordinator

Mariana Pablo Flores

Outreach & Enrollment Coordinator

Marlen Villegas

Medical Billing Specialist